About Us

About Us

Europ Continents is a specialized company distributing products and services in South East Asia. We have been anchoring technical competences in the region for more than 25 years in order to provide advanced products and services in key market sectors including healthcare, science, infrastructure and more.

With comprehensive representation across the region we are well placed to grow our principals’ interests and to handle our clients’ most complex logistical and project management assignments.

Founded in 1921, Europ Continents initially supplied automobiles and heavy machineries to the construction industry over the West African continent.

For the last 25 years, Europ Continents has become a leader in the distribution of advanced products and services in South East Asia. We provide value added and reliable solutions to the healthcare and scientific community.

With offices in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, and the support of our teams of 200 professionals, Europ Continents is your partner in developing projects on a long-term basis with the guarantee of a high-end service, sustainable quality, tailored solutions and viable investment.

Our continuing success is based on our commitment to develop long term partnerships with our clients, based on the principles of professionalism, integrity and dedicated service.


To build a leading integrated solutions provider in our respective markets; a strategic long-term partner in the development of the economies and communities where we operate; an innovative and creative product and service provider in the fields of Science, Healthcare and High-Technology.


We are creating value through service excellence.

In the developing environment of South East Asia, technical competency and accuracy has become a critical component of success

Since its very beginnings, Europ Continents has kept in mind that the professional standards of its technical teams are a key component of its success and of the long-term satisfaction of its customers.

Our engineering and technical teams, spread across our countries, are continuously trained by our principals and are consistently upgrading their know-how and skills on our installation and maintenance sites within our various departments.

This expertise continues to be recognized and today, our technical teams assist key accounts across the region on their installation process, technical trainings, warranties coverage, maintenance operations or any other engineering needs.

Fast diagnostic is crucial to reduce the intervention time to restart a damaged instrument. All our team members are regularly trained at partner’s facilities to insure a minimum response time.

To serve all our customers in the Healthcare, Laboratory or Infrastructure sectors, Europ Continents benefits from a strong and experienced team of more than 30 engineers and technicians based in our various offices across the region.


Europ Continents teams have developed an extensive knowledge of the regulation and procedures of FDA registration around South East Asia.

Europ Continents has prepared, submitted and followed up FDA applications for pharmaceutical, medical devices, food and beverages and food supplement products.

Europ Continents registration pharmacists and supporting registration personnel have substantial experience with the regulations and procedures of the Cambodian, Lao, Vietnamese, Pilipino and Indonesian FDA.

Our clients are leading companies in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical device and food and beverage industries.

Our history of dealing with FDA regulators over the years allows us to deliver superior services in a transparent and cost effective way. This allows our clients to focus on setting up, planning and developing their business.